Vaccum Lifter

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters are the new ergonomic solution of this day & age where the population is aging and work injuries are a common occurrence, often assumed as a one-off case. Schmalz vacuum system is an economic solution for simpler, safer and more effective lifting. Schmalz quality products increase lifting reliability and improve productivity from staff, it helps to reduce the damaging of goods, potential injuries and/or even eliminate these down-time issues. It increase productivity and consistency exponentially.

Vacuum Tube Lifters Jumbo


Fast and frequent lifting and moving of workpieces weighing up to 300 kg.

  • Handling goods such as cardboard boxes, bags, barrels, buckets and jugs within in-house logistics processes
  • Loading and unloading CNC machining centers


  • Increased productivity thanks to reduced handling and loading times
  • Secure, damage-free gripping by using vacuum
  • Minimization of downtime due to employee injury
  • Increase in employee motivation
  • Only one person for handling

Vacuum Lifting Devices VacuMaster


For handling large, flat and typically non-porous workpieces.

  • Loading and unloading CNC laser cutting machines with metal plates
  • Loading and unloading CNC machining centers with wooden boards or plastic sheets
  • Handling and positioning glass panels and windows during production, framing and installation


  • Efficient, non-damaging handling of heavy loads
  • To work ergonomically and protect operator health
  • Excellent work safety and process reliability thanks to vacuum reservoir and audible warning device
  • Long service life due to a robust mixture of steel, aluminum and high-strength plastic
  • Low operating costs thanks to controlled vacuum generator with energy saving (Comfort version)

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Glass


For safe and ergonomic handling of glass outdoors.

  • For lifting loads up to 600 kg either horizontally or vertically
  • For safe handling of glass workpieces in outdoor areas
  • Attached to the site crane, it permits effortless lifting of loads either in a horizontal or vertical position
  • Workpieces can be aligned and installed perfectly in the façade


  • Manual swiveling up to 90°
  • Careful handling of glass workpieces without damaging them
  • Easy and ergonomic operation
  • High degree of safety through two redundant vacuum circuits (according to DIN EN 13155) and integrated power failure monitor
  • High flexibility due to the modular design – easy and quick adaptation to varying glass sizes and loads
  • Operation without being connected to the electrical power supply

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